Have you ever wondered how exhibitors produce award-winning specimens for flower shows?

Go behind the scenes with a winner of many top awards to learn how to grow, select, and groom plants for entry into your club show or a major flower show.

Show Plants

Do not go gentle into that good night of winter – make a colorful commotion before your garden takes a well-deserved rest.

Enjoy the sumptuous and stimulating fall colors of trees and shrubs that bring the gardening season to a joyous conclusion and boldly take you and your garden into early winter. Be sure to check out our Wet and Forget Reviews to prepare your patio and other outdoor surfaces.

Endlessly fascinating in their range of color and form, cacti and other succulents satisfy beginning gardeners with their easy-going nature and inspire seasoned gardeners to grow them into sculptural works of art.

Learn the basics as well as the finer points that will enable you to produce your own masterpieces.


Get an early breath of spring by forcing daffodils, tulips, and other bulbs into bloom indoors. It’s easy when you know how.

The presenter, the winner of many top awards for bulbs at the Philadelphia Flower Show, shows how to care for pots of bulbs from preparation in fall to full glorious bloom in late winter.

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