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Our Review

I’ve seen a lot of Wet and Forget reviews from people who’ve bought it on sites like Amazon, but when I did a search online, I struggled to find a decently comprehensive product review that answered the basic question: how good is it?

So recently I tested the product myself so that I could put together a proper review of the Wet & Forget mildew remover.

And I must say, it works!

But that’s not all I’m going to do, I’m also going to talk about the other products in the range and give you an idea how easy or difficult the product is to use.

Wet And Forget Reviews

So What Exactly Is Wet & Forget?

Wet & Forget started out as a brand in New Zealand 35 years ago. In 2005 it hit the United States.

It was originally sold to companies rather than consumers. The range consists of various types and sizes of moss/mildew/algae/mold removal liquids, for use both outdoors and indoors.

Easier, Cleaner, Smarter

It’s meant to work in two stages. First it kills the growth, second, it remains as a protective coating to inhibit regrowth.

It is marketed as being extremely easy and versatile to use. It’s not something you have to scrub with or wash away, you simply spray it on and let it get right to work.

How To Use Wet & Forget

The product comes in two forms. Either in various sizes of concentrate that you water down in a standard domestic or garden sprayer (the type you pump to build up the pressure in) or as a ready mixed product with its own “sniper” nozzle for targeting small areas of mold, algae, moss or mildew.

So using Wet & Forget is a simple as pumping it onto the surface evenly and then leaving it to dry.

As long as you are careful where you spray it, the only thing you have to watch out for is that you cover the entire surface.

Does Wet & Forget Work?

 I tried the product on my garden wall. The inside of it doesn’t get much sunlight and over the years has become very green, with some quite thick moss growing in places. It’s also damp to the touch and eventually, I know that it will start to eat away at the brickwork if it remains untreated.

So I thought I would give Wet & Forget a proper trial myself. I purchased a container that would mix up to 6 gallons with water of the outdoor cleaner product.

I used a standard garden sprayer and evenly covered the wall. I thought about doing it twice, but I thought that because I wanted to review how successful Wet & Forget actually is, I would stick to doing it once.

Within three days I was noticing that the wall was less green. Within seven days the wall was mostly back to its brickwork color Two weeks on from that I can confirm that there is very little regrowth of green algae/moss on the wall, and this could be attributable to where I perhaps missed with spraying.

Having seen success, it got me thinking that what is brilliant is that you can spray it almost anywhere. So places like the roof of your conservatory, where a clear roof can be completely covered and blocked by black/green growth, can now be tackled really easily.

My bathroom is a little bit damp at times, and around the shower, it does collect mildew. You know, where the grout between the tiles starts to darken, and the sealant round the top edge of the bath starts to go black.

Having got such a great result outside, I also bought a container of Wet & Forget Shower. They recommend you spray it once a week, and so that’s what I did.

Within two weeks I was seeing what I would call miraculous results in my own bathroom. The black on the sealant had virtually disappeared, mostly being reduced to a light yellow stain in some places. It has a fresh smell and the container lasts for a long time.

What People Are Saying: Wet & Forget User Reviews

 After my own trial of Wet & Forget Outdoor I went onto Amazon to see if other people were enjoying the same success.

I always look to Amazon because you can see verified purchase reviews of products and it’s such a huge marketplace that there are always a lot of reviews to look at in order to get a representative picture of how good or bad a product is.

I think a lot of the negative reviews on Amazon (56 out of 869 were 1 star at the time of writing) were by people who haven’t applied it properly, perhaps haven’t mixed it to the right concentration, or who were expecting an instant miracle.

As with everything, sometimes you need patience, as this reviewer makes clear:

“This product was recommended to us by a friend and we have been very impressed with the results after the first application over 3 months ago. Our patio tiles look a great deal better and tiles have remained clean. Due to some really stubborn black weathering marks, we have now applied product for the second time and the difference is again noticeable – even the stubborn marks are getting lighter.”

 Where To Buy & Product Range

 You can buy Wet & Forget online at all the major marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Wet & Forget Product Range

In addition, it’s available in most countries in specialist hardware stores and some general retail stores.

In the United States specifically, it’s available in places like Ace Hardware, True Value, and Plummer’s Hardware.

The product range currently consists of:

 I was really impressed with the results that Wet & Forget Outdoor produced. It appears that this product really does work, and that’s backed up by a huge body of real user reviews online.

Wet & Forget Ingredients

There is good and bad in the active ingredients of Wet & Forget.

The good is that it doesn’t contain bleach. This is a bonus because it means you don’t have to worry about the surfaces you apply it to. The company also advertised that it is not caustic or acidic.

The bad is that the active ingredient in it consists of four different types of ammonium chloride. Although this is not an active ingredient that is any more damaging than most, including bleach, the problem is that to use Wet & Forget effectively you have to spray it.

This can lead to problems as ammonium chloride can cause breathing issues, is harmful to pets and can also kill plants. So you can’t just spray it everywhere with impunity, you have to use a little bit of common sense and restraint.

So with lots of genuine Wet and Forget reviews out there, and the additional reassurance that it is stocked by the major retailers, who simply wouldn’t stock product if it didn’t work and was being returned all the time, you are pretty safe in the knowledge that it works.

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